Forecast Category
  • 28 Sep 2022
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Forecast Category

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The Forecast Category node is used to divide actuals data for multiple combo splits into buckets, based on total demand and demand variation.

Configuration Options

Basic Configuration Options

Setting Description\Parameters
Split Columns The selected column(s) will be used to split the data set over when calculating summary metrics.
Sort By Columns Sort data rows by these columns.
Target Column Actuals data column.

Advanced Configuration Options

Setting Description
High-Medium Demand Threshold Cutoff between demand categories.
Medium-Low Demand Threshold Cutoff between demand categories.
High-Medium Varation Threshold Cutoff between variation categories.
Medium-Low Variation Threshold Cutoff between varation categories.

Category Breakout

Each combo will be put into a bucket based on total demand for that combo, and variation across periods of demand.

Total demand is calcuated by summing all demand for the entire combo. The coefficient of variation is the ratio between the standard deviation of demand, and the mean of demand.

There are nine possible buckets over 2 axes; high/medium/low demand, and high/medium/low variation.

This breakout is set by the thresholds set in the Advanced tab.


Action Description
Preview After configuring the node, the combined result set can be previewed by clicking the Preview button.

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